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It's a Shoot: The only gamers I watch are wrestlers

May 20, 2018 1 min read

I was never a big fan of streaming. Don't get me wrong, I see no problem with people playing games and having others watch them as they complete levels -- but the activity never truly piqued my interest. I guess I am more of the 'I would rather play video games than watch people playing video games' type of guy.

Still, when I do watch someone playing games, it's the personalities I idolized. It's kind of like why Conan's antics as a Clueless Gamer have often made me laugh. It shows celebrities having fun while playing video games. And isn't that what gaming should be about first and foremost? People having fun?

That's how I ended up becoming an avid viewer of UpUpDownDown, a YouTube channel started in 2015 by WWE wrestler Xavier Woods. It features a cast of WWE superstars (with their own wacky nicknames) playing video games, having tournaments, and some challenges and punishments thrown in for good measure.

And yes - they are having fun, Maggle!

It's a Shoot: The only gamers I watch are wrestlers screenshot