It's Thanksgiving! So what are you thankful for in video games?

November 22, 2018 1 min read

That's right, it's a British-written article about Thanksgiving, no borders for this guy. We're all on the same planet, right? So welcome me in, because I'm hungry and I want some of your food; pumpkin pie, turkey and such. No dairy though, I've cut it out in my latest efforts to stop my insides from falling outside.

It's Thanksgiving day today! As such I thought it would be wonderful to hear from you all about the things in video games that you are thankful for. Video game discussion has a tendency to be pretty Negatron, and that's not always everyone's bag, so it'd be cool to hear about some elements of gaming that you're super-stoked came about.

I'm pretty positive about games at the blurst of times, so I'm always thankful for their very existence. But I'm especially thankful for gaming's wonderful cast of characters, my erstwhile digital pals. Be they Persona 5's Phantom Thieves, Shantae and her buddies, Poison, Leona Heidern and many other fighting game characters, or Queen of the World Pearl from Splatoon 2. I'm thankful for all the unique, curious, and colourful personalities - and the worlds they inhabit - that are invented by talented folk for our interactive entertainment.

It's Thanksgiving! So what are you thankful for in video games? screenshot