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It's time for another Viva Pinata

July 15, 2018 1 min read

Last week, I got to thinking about Viva Piñata after seeing its name pop up on a list of games that use Xbox One's new FastStart feature to let you download and start playing up to twice as fast as before. "I never want to not be playing Viva Piñata," I said. "Let's get another one of those already."

It's been a full week now. I'm still thinking about Rare's slightly chaotic creature-collecting garden sim.

If you asked me to name one game I'd like to see Microsoft announce on-stage at E3 above all others, without hesitation, I'd say Viva Piñata 3. Rare has been and will continue to be busy maintaining Sea of Thieves. Clearly, it's not on the cards anytime soon. But you can't fault a guy for daydreaming.

It's time for another Viva Pinata screenshot