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Jesper Kyd Documentary - Bound to Sound

December 14, 2017 2 min read

We've been hard at work at Gameumentary over the past few months getting a bunch of the docs filmed that were funded by our recent Kickstarter campaign with help from Destructoid's parent company, Enthusiast Gaming.

In October, we traveled to South San Francisco to film our documentary on Outpost Games, who are currently running a closed beta for their upcoming game, SOS. In November, we traveled to Austin, Texas to film our docs on Gunfire Games, Battle Chasers: Nightwar and of course, the Darksiders franchise.

With the opportunity we've been provided to do all this, however, we wanted to go above and beyond what was expected of us. Originally, we were going to have to do a Skype interview with Jesper Kyd if we wanted him involved in the doc on Darksiders as he wouldn't have been able to make it out to Austin during our filming dates.

Luckily, his PR guy got in touch with us during the campaign and invited us out to his studio in California, and so we ended up flying from South San Francisco to Burbank during our Outpost Games shoot to spend a day with Jesper and get the footage we needed for the Darksiders doc.

We ended up filming all of that, and a whole documentary just on him in the process, because why not? This doc covers Jesper's journey to becoming the composer that he is today. In our Darksiders documentary (out in early 2018), we go much more in-depth with him in regards to his time working on Darksiders 2.

Hope you enjoy the doc and if you wouldn't mind sharing it around, we could really use the extra help spreading the word! We'll have more details on our upcoming doc on Outpost Games to share with you very soon as well.

Jesper Kyd Documentary - Bound to Sound screenshot