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Kirby's coolest copy ability is clearly Doctor

January 14, 2018 2 min read

We are a couple days out from the launch of Kirby Battle Royale, a game that could very well be Kirby’s final appearance on the Nintendo 3DS. It's a bit sad, like an end of an era, but the wait won't be too long for the pink puff's next adventure in Kirby Star Allies on the Switch. The game looks gorgeous and the new Artist and Spider copy abilities will be extremely fun to experiment with. In fact, they could be absolute fan favorites, but they and any other possible new abilities will have to be pretty amazing to surpass my favorite Kirby power.

See, I’m a simple, simple man. That’s why my parents pinned mittens on my jacket well into my 20s. For the longest time, my favorite Kirby copy was Parasol. It is simple, adorable and extremely useful. Somewhere in storage, I have a little plush Parasol Kirby because it’s so darn cute and now that I think about it it's the only pink thing I own. And that’s how it was for most of my years playing through Kirby games: I would seek out the Parasol copy ability and try to ride it through so much of the game as I can. Then came Planet Robobot.

After Triple Deluxe, I actually told myself I wasn’t going to pick up Robobot because it just looked like the same game again. I ended up getting it brand new for about $15, figuring I’d get to it down the line. That line turned out to be six months later when the lights went out during a rainstorm. So I couldn’t play my Wii U or PSTV, leaving me with just my 3DS. Figuring the lights would be on quickly, I popped open Planet Robobot planning to spend about 20 minutes or so playing it until the power was restored. It actually took an hour for PG&E to get it working again, plenty of time for me to fall head-over-heels for Doctor Kirby.

I had to correct myself the first time I saw Kirby in his Doctor costume because I thought it was more a scientist. I still do, but I’m not going to let an incorrect name stop me from talking about Kirby’s best copy ability.

Let’s start with the look. A lab coat, glasses and a head mirror (Really? The best term we can come up for that is “head mirror?”) combine for one frickin’ cute costume. And while I like the pill bottle concept art design more, Doctor Kirby’s look gives him the appearance of the world's cutest meth cook. Then there are his attacks. Kirby bashes with a clipboard, syringe, and pills that he tosses around more freely than Dr. Mario. All of that would be enough to make him my number one, but it’s the science kit maneuver that puts it over the top. With his beakers and test tubes, Kirby can whip up three different special attacks or a healing concoction that can be saved for just the right time.

Cute, powerful, and multi-functional, the Doctor Kirby copy ability is better than anything else the series has given us and there is nothing the Destructoid staff can say to make me change my mind.

Kirby's coolest copy ability is clearly Doctor screenshot