Let's watch the PS5 'deep dive' stream together

March 18, 2020 1 min read

Days after Microsoft just pulled back most of the curtain on Xbox Series X details, Sony is fighting back with some info of its own.

Today, Sony will finally give us a more in-depth look at the PS5 beyond a sole Wired article. According to the publisher, the event will be headed up by Mark Cerny of Knack fame (in case you couldn't tell this is a joke, the man is legendary), and will "provide a deep dive into PS5's system architecture," as well as "how it will shape the future of games."

The information will be doled out via a live stream, which airs in just 30 minutes at 12PM ET on the PlayStation Blog. Once an embedded version is live, we'll add it so you can watch it directly. Unfortunately Sony did not provide an estimated length for the stream.

Now obviously "shaping the future of gaming" is a marketing ploy, but what I want is substantial info on things like SSD storage size: you know, practical stuff.

Let's watch the PS5 'deep dive' stream together screenshot