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Limited Run is getting into Nintendo Switch publishing

October 20, 2017 1 min read

Nintendo Switch-owning game collectors will have even more feeds to keep their eye on next year. Limited Run has come out with some cool limited-edition physical copies of digitally-distributed PS4 and Vita games and, starting in 2018, the company will be set up to publish Switch titles as well.

So, that's a cool thing for folks who are good about getting their orders in fast. I'm impressively unlucky when it comes to that stuff, whether it's tickets to a show, sought-after posters, you name it.

This Switch announcement also prompted questions about Xbox One publishing. Sadly, that's looking like a no-go for Limited Run. "Microsoft's minimum order quantities are too high, unless they drop them drastically it's not likely we can hit the platform," the company said. "It's also keeping companies like [NIS America] off the platform. We'd love to help preserve digital games on disc for Xbox One."

Limited Run Games [Twitter]

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