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Live Show: The GTFOMLG Show - Episode 3.0

August 07, 2017 1 min read

The GTFOMLG Show has only been going on for a week, but it's already been a blast and is picking up momentum with each show. So far, we've played Panic Restaurant, Castlevania Bloodlines, and Batman: The Video Game, talked about all things nostalgic, and watched about a billion old video game commercials.

Tonight, that trend continues with Final Lap Twin, a fairly unknown TG-16 racing title that I can't wait to remind the world of. My love for this game isn't due to the racing itself, which is fairly basic and archaic, but due to its quest mode (think Dragon Quest, with racing... yes, really).

We'll be jumping in and doing our best to make dad proud (you'll get the reference soon enough) at 7pm PST over on Dtoid.TV. After a few hours of Car-PGing, we'll end the show with one of my favorite pinball games of all time, Devil's Crush. Be sure to put on your nostalgia goggles and tune in! As well, don't forget to vote for the games that we'll be playing on the show next week, right here. See you there!

Live Show: The GTFOMLG Show - Episode 3.0 screenshot