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Looking back at Revolution 2017

October 15, 2017 1 min read

[Disclaimer: I am personally acquainted with the organisers but I was not asked to write about this event nor was any money distributed. This is simply my take on Revolution 2017.]

Last weekend saw the annual Nth Gen Interactive fighting game tournament event called Revolution being held. The event focuses mostly on anime fighting games (so no Street Fighter V) and has been going on for four years and had outgrown its old home last year (registration for entry had to be cut short because there was no space left in the venue!) and this year saw the event held at the Rocket Complex in north London. The event has grown from an FGC event for around a hundred entrants to being pretty much the de-facto premier anime FGC tournament in Europe with several hundred entrants competing over the course of three days.

Revolution has grown considerably and is now able to provide more than just a place for tournaments and get-togethers. Publishers have taken note and the guys at Nth Gen have cultivated ties to be able to give attendees a chance to play games still unreleased. But this expansion has come at a cost...

Looking back at Revolution 2017 screenshot