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Mercy mess: More nerfs to Overwatch's unstoppable medic

January 05, 2018 1 min read

Overwatch's support character Mercy has, once again, received tweaks on the PTR for Blizzard's team-based arena shooter, as the studio constantly juggles the Germanic GP to find her sweet spot in battle.

Mercy received a pretty severe overhaul last year, controversially changing her Resurrect ability from an Ultimate to a regular skill, increasing the power of her hand-blaster, and giving her a new Ultimate, Valkyrie, that had her flying around and popping resurrections like a necromancing maniac.

Shortly thereafter, she was re-tweaked, as her new ability to completely undermine successful assaults with a mere click of a button, every 30 seconds, made Mercy an instant must-pick. This was borne out by multiple pro-players who ditched their usual supports in favour of goddess-level powers bestowed on our girl. Mercy would go on to garner a high pick rate across all platforms and leagues. No Mercy, No Victory.

In November, she was nerfed again,adding an increased charge time to her resurrection abilities, which proved to have zero impact in her dominance, both in popularity and on the battlefield. A team without Mercy became a team simply choosing to make life harder on themselves.

Mercy mess: More nerfs to Overwatch's unstoppable medic screenshot