Metal Wolf Chaos' launch trailer goes full anime

August 05, 2019 1 min read

After 15 long years, we're less than a day away from From Software's most-forgotten game releasing to a global audience. Metal Wolf Chaos and all its flag-waving and mecha destruction launches tomorrow.

To celebrate the occasion, Devolver Digital has enlisted the help of a prolific animation studio. This Metal Wolf Chaos XD launch trailer was created by Powerhouse Animation, which is the team behind Netflix's Castlevania series. It's not a new partnership; Devolver contracts Powerhouse to animate a lot of its trailers.

This one, through full-on anime stylization, feels like it perfectly captures the spirit of Metal Wolf Chaos and its patriotic excess. Count how many times it says "freedom." Then, when that freedom is threatened, the president does the dirty work himself. Traditional impeachment is just so...boring.

Metal Wolf Chaos' launch trailer goes full anime screenshot