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Is the Divisions take on smallpox accurate or inaccurate?

July 07, 2017 1 min read

The last time I wrote about microbiology stuff was when I  discussed the Cordyceps fungus and its role in The Last of Us - namely why I felt it was somewhat improbable. I found a lot of enjoyment in applying my micro knowledge to that sort of thing, and it got a good reaction so I think going forward here or there I’m going to try to write something in that vein.So without further ado, I’d like to take a look-see at The Division - a Ubisoft multiplayer type game that I have not played as of yet, to keep that tradition from The Last of Us going-and ponder if such a thing could happen.  Also please understand that I’m a microbiologist in major/graduation mainly and not a researcher...yet. Even if I were my focus is not on viruses, but on bacteria, so I can’t claim to be perfect here. This is based on some research I’ve done both in my schooling and via looking up internet sources; I won’t claim it's all perfectly right even if I believe it to be, so I apologize for any errors if they are present.

Is the Divisions take on smallpox accurate or inaccurate? screenshot