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Mike Sounders's indecisive six best games of 2017

December 30, 2017 1 min read

2017 was a great year for video games wasn't it? Yes we've all heard it said dozens of times already, but it's true nevertheless. This has easily been the hardest year in my life where I couldn't decide my absolute favorite game of the year. So as a result, after weeding out at least a dozen other games, I am left with six of them. Six games that I had the greatest time of my life with this year, and am struggling to say 'I'd give this my personal GOTY award' over the other five.

So as a result, I'm just going to list all six of them. I love all of them equally, and they all deserve equal spotlight. If you don't see a game you liked mentioned, it's due to me not getting around to it, such as Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Ageor Gravity Rush 2, or barely got cut, such as Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, or I did not enjoy it, like Breath of the Wild.

So without further delay, here are my six favorite games of 2017.

Mike Sounders's indecisive six best games of 2017 screenshot