Mina Majikina takes aim in Samurai Shodown next week

February 20, 2020 1 min read

SNK will be getting the second season of its successful fighting title Samurai Shodown underway next week, launching the first DLC character of its second season pass, the spiritual Mina Majikina.

Making her debut in 2003's Samurai Shodown V, Mina is one of the more modern characters to join the SamSho roster, having been designed as a lead character for a "new era" of titles. In a particularly dark backstory, Mina was raised from birth to be a demon exorcist, but while out on a mission her family and entire village was destroyed by the demonic being, Chample - that cute little critter she's carrying in the trailer.

While the SSV ending implies that Mina kills Chample and then herself, it seems that we can simply ignore that bit of lore, as now Chample's demon form is kept sealed within his diminutive form, a pact that has cost Mina her left eye. Ironically, this vision impairment has helped hone Majikina's exquisite archery abilities in battle.

Mina Majikina takes aim in Samurai Shodown next week screenshot