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Mobile Monday: Missile Command: Recharged

March 16, 2020 1 min read

Despite my overall indifference to the number of television shows and movies finding their inspiration in entertainment from the '80s, I'll never grow tired of the neon laser art direction that broke big during the decade. Give me some Broadway D typeface in neon pink, a solid white Italian blazer with no vent, and polarized sport sunglasses and I'm in heaven.

That Miami Vice meets Tronchic just can't be beaten and every time I see the glow of the channel lettering at the check-cashing shop downtown, I can't help but wonder why Ubisoft hasn't ported Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon to Switch. The aesthetic is killer and it's what you'll see in the two games featured in this week's Mobile Monday.

Mobile Monday: Missile Command: Recharged screenshot