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Monster Hunter: World now has ultrawide 21:9 support

January 22, 2019 1 min read

It's a happy day for Monster Hunter: Worldplayers looking to make full use of their ultrawide monitor. As of the latest update on Steam, the PC port now offers 21:9 support along with a few other niceties.

My hodgepodge dual-monitor setup has served my needs just fine -- I'm admittedly less into PC gaming than I used to be and don't need anything fancy -- but those of you with an ultrawide monitor should be in for a treat if your machine is up to the task. Monster: Hunter Worldis already a stunner, so I can only imagine. Prior to this update, folks had to lean on the modding community for 21:9.

Capcom has also included push-to-talk voice chat, various options related to the game's vignette effects, and language support for Simplified Chinese. That, and unspecified fixes for "various bugs."

Are there any other pending PC features left on your checklist, or is Capcom in a pretty good place right now? The team shared a Monster Hunter: WorldPC roadmap last December, and after these new inclusions, the remaining schedule boils down to more Arch-Tempered monsters, quests, and armor.

I know a few of you were counting on this update, so let us know how Worldlooks and runs in 21:9 if you get a chance. Last we heard, the official line was that cutscenes would not be supported.

Title Update: New Features Added On January 22! [Steam] [Image credit: EyeCue]

Monster Hunter: World now has ultrawide 21:9 support screenshot