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Monstrous new Overwatch Halloween skins leaked

October 07, 2017 1 min read

According to a Reddit post, a slip up on Facebook caused some Overwatch advertisement pop-ups to appear a little earlier than planned, revealing a few of the brand new scary skins ahead of Tuesday's Halloween Terror 2017 event. They look pretty dang dapper.

We have ghost Mei, somewhat recalling Hsien-Ko from Capcom's Darkstalkers, an almost Cthulu-esque Zenyatta, a vampiric Reaper and a stunning "Dragon-girl" Symmetra. We of course also know already that McCree is rocking a Van Helsing-esque affair from the event's teaser trailer. Still no Zombra, unfortunately, but my hopes remain high.

Halloween Terror 2017 begins in Overwatch October 10.

Overwatch Halloween skins leaked [Reddit]

Monstrous new Overwatch Halloween skins leaked screenshot