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Neo Geo shmup Pulstar blasts onto Xbox One

July 06, 2017 1 min read

Almost nothing recalls the halcyon days of the arcade quite like a shmup. The twitchy, reactive and often infuriating genre swamped game rooms the world over, ensnaring a community of masochistic fans who are still dedicated to the genre today.

SNK's Pulstar, released in 1995, was just one more game in an overcrowded market. Whilst it has impressive visuals, thanks to its pre-rendered graphics (a first for Neo Geo hardware) Pulstar was a shameless clone of Irem's masterful hit R-Type, liberally ripping off its main sprite, enemy movement patterns, control system, weapon power-ups and even stage designs, without quite nailing the 1987 hit's crisp gameplay.

Neo Geo shmup Pulstar blasts onto Xbox One screenshot