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Nero's Devil Breakers: A Short Devil May Cry 5 Guide

March 25, 2019 2 min read

[Some people can just cruise through video games like nothing matters, lapping up all the knowledge and skill in various titles like so much potent potables. The rest of us need people like Fivefinger Delta to tell us how to tie our shoes and remind us to breathe every couple of seconds. In their first blog [!] they help the scrubs like me have a chance in games likeDevil May Cry 5, where I'd normally just flounder and give up after a few hours. They're truly the hero Destructoid needs. - Wes]

So you've beaten Devil May Cry V on Human. Maybe you started on Devil Hunter. In a world of endless open-world map-clearers, your eyes have been opened to a shorter, tighter type of game that didn't last as long as you expect from a full-priced triple-AAA experience. But when the credits finished, you jumped back in. And when those credits finished, you jumped back in again. You've finished the game twice now and you still haven't scratched the surface, because what's on the screen isn't everything that there is to see. Your combat is improving, you're hitting S, SS, SSS, you're getting hit less and your Devil Breakers are breaking when you want them to break.

Below is a short guide listing each of the Devil Breakers (in alphabetical order) with a few tips that may help you better understand the tools at your disposal. It assumes that you haven't played previous entries in the series but, for the sake of spoilers, have beaten the game. I will however, try to keep such spoilers as vague as possible.

Other than Gerbera, I will not be commenting on the pre-order bonus arms as I do not have them.

Nero's Devil Breakers: A Short Devil May Cry 5 Guide screenshot