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New map and weapon arrive this week in Splatoon 2

March 02, 2018 1 min read

This week was a good one for Splatoon 2 fans. Not only did Nintendo's arena-shooter get a huge patch, filled with game updates and bug squashes, but it also got a new map and - tonight - its new weekly weapon.

The Dark Tetra Dualies will be hitting the game's arsenal later today. These hand-held bad boys are for the squid kid who prefers speed and agility to some of the game's slower, heavier-hitting weapons. This variant of the Dualies comes equipped with an Autobomb sub and a Splashdown special. Not only that, but they have "Dark" in the title. Psst... Nothing Personnel, kid.

You can take the new weapon for a test-drive in new map Goby Arena, a huge basketball venue that makes Madison Square Gardens look like my local, piss-riddled leisure centre. Goby Arena went live in the game last night, with the Dark Dualies dropping this evening in America, and in Europe and Japan early tomorrow.

Speaking of Japan, this weekend also sees philosophical Splatfest Flowers vs Dango take place. Japanese squid kids can argue over this particularly deep topic from March 3 at 15:00 JST.

New map and weapon arrive this week in Splatoon 2 screenshot