New map and weapon arrives in Splatoon 2 for new Splatfest

Authored By Chris Moyse

Some new additions are hitting Nintendo's arena-shooter Splatoon 2 this week, preparing fans for the weekend at the start of the first global Splatfest of 2018, which will see Action battle Comedy.

Already available on the colourful shooter is a new map. The Shellendorf Institute is a museum of artifacts, no doubt gathered by legendary lore character Ammoses Shellendorf, hero of The Great Turf War. Eagle-eyed players have already spotted a selection of classic Nintendo hardware on display among the Institute's ink-stained walls.

Those wishing to partake in some neon-splattered antiquing can do so with this week's weapon. The Dapple Dualies Nouveau, which come equipped with a Toxic Mist sub and and Ink Storm special. The Shellendorf Institute map is available right now. The Dapple Dualies Nouveau go live this evening in America, with Europe and Japan to follow early tomorrow.

The Action vs Comedy Splatfest runtimes are as follows: For America, January 12 at 20:00PT until January 13 at 20:00PT. For Europe, January 13 at 13:00CET until January 14 at 13:00CET. For Japan, January 13 15:00JST until January 14 15:00JST.

Good luck, Squid-kids!

New map and weapon arrives in Splatoon 2 for new Splatfest screenshot


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