Nintendo Download: Elder Scrolls: Blades

May 07, 2020 1 min read

This week has a few surprises, like Huntdown finally making an appearance on May 12, alongside of another shock: Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Bethesda has been pretty mum about the latter for some time now in terms of when the Switch release would actually be happening, and now it's buried at the very bottom of Nintendo's weekly eShop lineup. Hopefully everything is above board, bug-wise!

Other headliners (as far as Nintendo is concerned) for this week are Void Bastards, SuperMashย and Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Beyond that we're back to a very strong week for the Switch eShop, with 36 new titles. Nintendo somehow is hitting that "30-40" mark in stride nearly every week.

Again, and I will not stop asking for this: we're overdue for a Switch eShop overhaul. The amount of new features for the storefront have not kept up with the sheer number of games dumped on it.

Nintendo Download: Elder Scrolls: Blades screenshot