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Nintendo Download: Kirby Battle Royale

January 18, 2018 1 min read

It's kind of a big week for the Switch, as it's getting several high-profile indies, a Kirby game, and a new Square Enix RPG.

Lost Sphear will debut on January 23, but today you'll get Darkest Dungeon, Ambition of the Slimes, NeoGeo Power Spikes II, Double Dragon, Baseball Riot, ChromaGun, Qbik, Nuclien, The Hollywood Roast, The Insult Simulator, Shu, Vesta,and World to the West. Oh, and new DLC is coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 tonight at 9PM PT.

On the 3DS side we have Kirby Battle Royale leading the charge, followed by Link-a-Pix Color and Raining Coins.

Nintendo Download: Kirby Battle Royale screenshot