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Nintendo Download: Metro 2033 and Last Light Redux

February 27, 2020 1 min read

Wow, it's a hot week for the Nintendo eShop! As I've been saying like a broken record for weeks now we've been getting over the post-holiday slump, but now we're back in full gear. There's 46 games dropping on the eShop this week, a far cry from Nintendo's previous 30+ mark that they wanted to hit a few years back.

Although many of them are older games that publishers are playing catch up with, the Switch has become a powerhouse in its own right in terms of its library. And, for the most part, has avoided the largely taboo "shovelware" descriptor unlike the WiiWare and Wii U eShop markets, with higher-quality ports from studios like Saber Interactive and Panic Button.

Anyway, Bloodroots is probably the headliner today, along with all of the below games, which are all for Switch: no 3DS or Wii U love (before you say anything, there still is occasional love for both systems!). Just last week the Wii U got an exclusive game called Space Hunted: The Lost Levels.

Nintendo Download: Metro 2033 and Last Light Redux screenshot