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Nintendo Download: Sonic Mania

August 10, 2017 1 min read

Note that the big release for Switch (Sonic Mania) isn't actually out today, but rather August 15 -- it's just included in this week's Nintendo Download issue!

Also on Switch you'll find Severed, Flip Wars (August 10), Ironcast, NeoGeo: King of Fighters 2000, Rocket Fist,and Phantom Trigger. Troll and I hits on August 15 as well. On the 3DS side Elminage Original will arrive on August 10, plus a Monster Hunter Stories demo. Soldier Blade and Final Soldier are hitting Wii U, too.

It's a week of staggered releases for sure, and sad times for those of you who wanted Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on a Nintendo platform. It's still strange to me that it didn't hit 3DS, after Capcom and Nintendo had so much fanfare for the original with a physical Gold Mega Man amiibo package.

Nintendo Download: Sonic Mania screenshot