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Nintendo file a new trademark on the original Game Boy

October 11, 2017 1 min read

It has been tweeted by a Japanese trademark bot that Nintendo have filed a new trademark on the original Game Boy, originally released back in 1989, before going on to take the world by storm, ultimately becoming the then-best selling console of all-time.

No real details have been unveiled concerning the new trademark, although some outlets erroneously stated that "Game Boy Classic Mini" had been trademarked, which is in fact untrue. Regardless, it is an interesting time for Nintendo to re-stamp the iconic handheld, given that retro Nintendo gaming is going through an amazing resurgence.

The trademark covers a range of clothing and accessories, including keychains, jewelry, phone cases and the like, so it could merely be Nintendo reaffirming the Game Boy's visual design for accessories such as these. The trademark does also cover "home video game console programs", however, so it will be interesting if this is just Nintendo resigning their properties, or whether some news is forthcoming concerning the handheld that revolutionized the industry.

Nintendo file a new trademark on the original Game Boy screenshot