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Nintendo made adorable drawings to pitch the Switch to devs

June 29, 2017 1 min read

This is the cutest thing since alpaca babies: in the early days of the Nintendo NX, developers were presented with these use cases for how busy people and families would incorporate a living room console into their mobile lives. Most of the drawings resemble stuff from the DS playbook, which has never ceased to print money. (The artist is likely Ko Takeuchi's - follow him on Twitter).

I love that all of the illustrations are in the most soothing shade of blue possible, which some psychologists recommend you wear to job interviews and when meeting people you want to get naked with. Think Nintendo was a little nervous to present this to devs? Nah. For all we know these might have also been used internally to build the damn thing. Why can't Nvidia figure this out?

Did you ever run and plug your console's nest of unspeakable cables into the better TV in the living room when you were a kid? I would practically count the minutes for my parents to leave to do that. I had a black and white Magnavox in my room during the Atari era. The horror.  

Via Protodude / Twitter

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Nintendo made adorable drawings to pitch the Switch to devs screenshot