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Nintendo nukes its own anti-piracy site, killing angry Mario

May 08, 2019 1 min read

Nintendo has fought back hard against piracy for as long as I can remember, but at least one part of their efforts is fading into the background this year.

As noted by Akfamilyhome, Nintendo's official "Anti-Piracy" site was recently shut down, and now merely re-directs users to Nintendo's main website. The landing page was infamous for a character many dubbed "Angry Mario," which was uncharacteristically pissed off, likely because you're committing acts of piracy. Though if you were at the anti-piracy site, trying to help Nintendo out by snitching on pirates, you probably don't deserve to be scowled at right? Quite the catch-22.

Now, obviously Nintendo is still going to try to go after people legally even though this site was taken down, but it does have interesting implications for the company. Nintendo has been smoothing over its image after trying to aggressively monetize YouTube income in the wake of the Switch's success, so this could be another positive PR move to not make them seem as hard-nosed.

Akfamilyhome [Twitter via Nintendo Life]

Nintendo nukes its own anti-piracy site, killing angry Mario screenshot