Nintendo Switch exclusives we expect to see at E3

May 15, 2018 1 min read

The Nintendo Switch is so incredibly successful that fans are expecting Nintendo to go all in on it. Blitzing out of its opening year with Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, two monumental exclusives, guaranteed millions of early adopters while Nintendo prepared its growing lineup. As we start to enter the second half of the second year, many long-awaited Switch games announced earlier are approaching our grasp, but there’s one little problem… we know almost nothing about them.

Last year gave Switch owners a lot of reasons to be excited for the years to come, but many of these promised games have barely any information revealed aside from a 2018 release date, if even that. And given those anticipated releases plus their long silence, we have to expect to hear more on them soon.

E3’s looming over the distance, so it seems right to anticipate most of these games to get some additional details during the show, if not one of Nintendo’s Pre3 Mini Directs. We might not see substantial gameplay from all of them, but they’re coming too soon for us to not get some kind of mention on most of them! Here’s what we’re expecting to get the spotlight this E3…

Nintendo Switch exclusives we expect to see at E3 screenshot