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Oculus: We want more Superhots

May 31, 2017 1 min read

Addressing a room full of Polish developers, Oculus' Paul Jastrzebski said "We want to see more Superhots out there." It'd be easy to dismiss this as pandering to the crowd, as the Superhot developer is from Łódź, approximately 165 miles north of Kraków where this presentation is taking place. But it feels more sincere than that, due mostly to the fact that Superhot is a standout hit on a platform that doesn't yet have many of them.

Jastrzebski is here at Digital Dragons to teach how to develop for virtual reality, a scientific side of the art that no one has really perfected yet. If anyone knows with any degree of certainty, it'd be Oculus; the platform-holder has enough data to see what works and what doesn't. But, things move quickly and the best practices a few months ago may not be the best practices now. The platform is always evolving.

Case in point: Oculus released its Touch controllers in late 2016. It was a literal game-changer for people who were developing for the Rift. Now, their video games that used a conventional gamepad controller felt obsolete. Players would largely want to experience motion controls for their immersive hardware. (In the same conversation, Jastrzebski cited extremely high adoption rates of the Touch controls for consumers who were just buying a Rift.)

Oculus: We want more Superhots screenshot