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On Review scores

June 17, 2017 1 min read

[Editor's Note: Originally posted on our community blogs, Gamemaniac3434 gives us his thoughts here on the perpetually and hotly debated review score issue, which is something that's always worth talking about so long as we're not yelling at each other. Whether you're for or against them, his core missive of "read the text" is a humble request that rings true for every form of media. We've always encouraged our readers to eschew all notions of "subjectivity" in the quest for their own personal truth with the writer that you trust the most. Whether that's us or someone else is up to you, but we're always here if you need us. - Chris

In March 2017, Jim Sterling reviewed Breath of the Wild and gave the game a seven out of ten. This caused a huge outcry, both across the internet and even on Dtoid proper which is one of the first times I’ve really seen that happen to such a degree. My problem with people's reaction was not mere disagreement but the way some people expressed their disagreement-I saw people call him "a fucking idiot", say he was shit at games, DDOS’d his site till it went down, and attack his credibility as a games reviewer. Rather than calmly stating their disagreement, or rationally explaining why they didn’t value Jim's opinions as much as some other reviewers due to differences in taste people lashed out emotionally and violently-over a review score for a game that had received several perfect or near perfect scores from almost every other outlet.

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