Once Upon a Deadpool exists because Ryan Reynolds wanted to kidnap Fred Savage

November 06, 2018 2 min read

Because we live in a world where no holidays exist between Halloween and Christmas according to candy cane filled psychopaths, we're already getting into the Christmas spirit!

With The Grinchreleasing this Friday, why not dump another Christmas movie on us, and why make it Deadpool 2? Fox detailed more about their PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, now officially titled Once Upon a Deadpool.The movie is a less violent and swear-filled version of the summer blockbuster, but with a twist. The framing device is going to be Deadpool kidnapping Fred Savage and reenacting his scenes from The Princess Bride, only with a certain Deadpool charm. Or as charming as he can be under a PG-13 rating. Deadline confirmed that this cut will be three minutes shorter than the original version but that Savage and Reynolds filmed eight scenes under the Princess Brideframing device of unknown length.

Fox also revealed that this version of the movie is only going to be in theaters for 12 days. It will release on December 12th and remain in theaters until December 24th, making it a bizarre 12 days of Christmas kind of deal. But again... this is a PG-13 cut of the R-rated smash hit. Ryan Reynolds has been historically against ever creating a Deadpool movie with a PG-13 rating, saying that it ruins the point of the character. Why play a foul-mouthed, murderous, and sarcastic as hell vigilante if he won't be able to curse or leave gallons of blood in his wake? So what gives?

Apparently, Ryan Reynolds would only allow a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2under two conditions; some of the proceeds went to charity, and if he was allowed to kidnap Fred Savage for it. Ryan Reynolds didn't go into details as to why he wanted to kidnap Fred Savage, but for the sake of comedy, sure, why not? As for the charity, $1 from every ticket will go to the charity F-ck Cancer, which will be renamed Fudge Cancer for the 12 day run in order to not curse in front of the little kiddies that have never heard of a naughty word before in their entire lives. 

Once Upon a Deadpool exists because Ryan Reynolds wanted to kidnap Fred Savage screenshot