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Overcoming Fear: Call of Poopy

October 31, 2017 2 min read

[For most people, when asked to overcome a fear their mind typically goes to an instance where they were spooked by something horrifying and sinister. For Kevin, overcoming fear meant to defy social convention and be the man he was meant to be. Good job, DeadMoon! Get your work featured by Destructoid by contributing to our monthly Bloggers Wanted prompt. Now get out there and get spooky! - Wes]

Believe it or not, there was a time when all I played was the latest AAA games. I mainly stick to smaller indie titles now, but that only started after XBLIG and XBLA showed me the glowing creativity that was possible at the lower-cost levels of game development. Still, there was something magical about those big blockbusters like the Gears of War series and Halo 3. I spent countless hours after school teaming up with my friends and showing strangers on the internet just how the fuck it was done.

Call of Duty, however, never really struck a chord with me. That is, until the original Modern Warfare released. I still thought the online was garbage twitch shooting that lacked any real room for coordinated team combat unlike my slower-paced favorites. Although, I did manage to fall head over heels for the campaign mode. I must have beaten that damn thing on Veteran at least 30 times. It was incredibly fresh and a genuine challenge at the time. Sure, the checkpoints were fairly generous, but you had to know what the hell you were doing to actually see it through. The arcade mode was a blessing as well. I loved the score-chasing aspect of it.

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