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Overcoming Fear: Deep Blue

October 31, 2017 1 min read

[Feel like you'redrowning in spooky blogs yet? Well too bad! Michael Giff walks us through yet another horrible video game water level, and the shockingly simple way he was able to overcome his fear of it! Dtoid is always looking for cool blogs to promote to the front page, so get out there and write something cool! Make sure you brush your teeth tonight! - Wes]

It's impossibly deep! You flail around, hoping in vain that you tread enough water to stay afloat. Despite your best efforts you can't keep your head above the water and begin your slow, steady descent to the bottom of the seemingly endless void. Once your feet do touch the ground you try your best to keep moving but the water pressure crushing your body makes you feel as if you were Atlas with the weight of the entire world on your shoulders. Surely things can't get any worse! Then you hear it. The dreaded music. Move over Jaws- this is the most terrifying theme to ever shred through water! The pounding symphony of destruction comes faster and louder with each passing second; if your heartbeat were a canon it would make the guns of Navarone look like a child's play thing! Stricken with terror it finally happens, the music stops, and you die, drowned like a rat - or in this case a hedgehog.

Overcoming Fear: Deep Blue screenshot