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Overwatch is testing a new Symmetra, player endorsements, and a looking for group feature

June 05, 2018 2 min read

Overwatchgame director Jeff Kaplan has outlined a number of notable changes making their way to the game today for public testing on the PTR. More than just the usual hero tweaks, Blizzard has also introduced a looking for group (LFG) system and a feature that lets players endorse one another to reinforce good behavior. Players can also now restrict their profiles to be private or friends-only.

In an attempt to "improve the gameplay experience for everyone," the developers have added Endorsements, a chance for players to commend one another "for certain gameplay behaviors" after a round ends. Specifically, you can give out the endorsements Good Teammate, Shotcaller, or Sportsmanship, the latter of which can also be awarded to someone on the opposing team.

Per Blizzard, "Those who consistently maintain a high endorsement level will receive periodic rewards, while those who display negative behavior or accrue suspensions will lose their endorsements."

Moving on to the oft-suggested looking for group feature, Kaplan says it's about getting like-minded players together and, ideally, elevating Overwatch as game about honest-to-goodness teamwork.

Here's one possible scenario: "If you're a very particular group leader, and you want to insist on having two tanks, two damage, and two healers, you can restrict those roles in your group and you can even force the people playing those roles to only be able to play those roles." Other options include requiring voice chat or sticking only to specific game modes.

To be clear, LFG isn't matchmaking. Rather, it's a system for finding people: you're either creating a group for others to browse and join or searching for and joining a group yourself. After putting a team together, you're then able to queue for Quick Play, Play vs. AI, or Competitive like normal.

Today's update also combines the Defense and Offense hero categories into one heading called Damage. Blizzard says the lines were already blurred and this change should help simplify things.

Finally, reworks! There's one for Horizon Lunar Colony and, as promised, one for Symmetra. She's more of a well-rounded damage-dealer and with her new ultimate, she can create a Photon Barrier that's "big enough to span and cut through and entire map." I am afraid. Find the full patch notes below.

Overwatch is testing a new Symmetra, player endorsements, and a looking for group feature screenshot