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Oxygen Not Included Oil update strikes black gold

October 13, 2017 1 min read

My current favorite sadism-simulator Oxygen Not Included got an update recently, adding in a significant new biome to the game. Buried deep in the bowels of your mysterious asteroid, the oil biome is filled with sweet, sweet crude oil for your extraction pleasure.

Of course, tunneling deep into an increasingly oxygen-poor hole for a filthy resource is sure to be a safe, fun experience for everyone - especially with the germ mechanic introduced last update.

The benefit? Your Texas tea can be refined into totally-environmentally-friendly plastic goods! Among other neat items, plastic can be used to create Atmo Suits, a hazard suit against toxist gasses, unbearable temperatures, and your Dupe's general stupidity (well, maybe not that). Heat up plastic materials too much, though, and you'll create potentially-deadly naphtha byproducts. I'm sure that won't happen, though. You're a responsible adult with responsible creepy clone-minions.

Oxygen Not Included Oil update strikes black gold screenshot