Pairing Simpsons episodes with video games

May 06, 2018 2 min read

The Simpsons has been on our screens for coming up to 30 years, becoming a cornerstone in comedy timing and how to make quality animated entertainment content. And it's true that there are divides in the fandom: When did the show stop being funny? Season 8? Season 13? Are the Treehouse of Horror episodes the best episodes, or the worst episodes? Was the first season a load of old shite, or was it just a little rough around the edges? What should we do about culturally insensitive storylines written way back in the 1990s? Is Hans Moleman the sexiest man alive? 

However, the fanbase is still going strong, with dedicated meme pages popping up all over the shop and syndication continuing into perpetuity. The Simpsonshas even had a fair few video games devoted to it, some being rightly regarded as classics, while others are appropriately reviled as the worst of licensed content. (Not The Simpsons Wrestling, though – I have a strange fondness for that game despite its technical flaws, just like Homer's inexplicable love of Sheriff Lobo.)

But, ignoring bona fide Simpsons games, which video games pair well with individual episodes, like a refreshing Duff with a Krusty Burger, or a crab juice with a stick of Khlav Kalash? I gave it a good try with my list below – which is apparently the first step towards failure.

Putting this list together was actually a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. Early Simpsons episodes are more like standard morality tales, which doesn't always map well to video games. Sure, some of the biggest games of the last few years have ethical choices embedded in them, but it's also often combined with violence or other characteristics that don't fit well with a PG-rated show. For example, would I pair "Homer the Vigilante" with Manhunt, just because both involve the lead character getting back at criminals through equally questionable acts? No, it feels like a bit of a stretch. All the more reason for you to pipe up in the comments down below with your own favourite pairings of games and Simpsons episodes!

Pairing Simpsons episodes with video games screenshot