Patch incoming for Deadly Premonition Origins sound woes

September 08, 2019 1 min read

It was definitely one of the weirder reveals during last week's Direct when Nintendo announced that the delightfully wonky mystery game Deadly Premonition was not only getting a sequel, but that the original 2010 release was launching on Nintendo Switch.

But unfortunately, it seems that the Switch port of the re-titled Deadly Premonition Origins has some issues, and not just the ones naturally inherent in Swery's survival horror adventure. There are a myriad of sporadic sound problems, ranging from missing effects, to dialogue dropping out at random. There are other reports suggesting all audio occasionally cuts out entirely. While Deadly Premonition made something of a name for itself for its janky gameplay, I'm pretty sure these sound issues aren't part of the "experience".

Still, help is on the way, according to Swery, who put out a tweet apologizing for the state of the port and noting that publisher Toybox are hoping to announce an update to fix these audio issues soon. Swery also took the time to remind fans that he isn't responsible for support and that he is unable to fix the bugs himself. Hopefully we'll hear from Toybox soon, and then you can all continue to bizarre journey into Greenvale.

Patch incoming for Deadly Premonition Origins sound woes screenshot