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Perfect World has shut down Gigantic developer Motiga

November 02, 2017 1 min read

Motiga, the developer behind free-to-play MOBA-like hero shooter Gigantic, will close its doors soon. Employees have confirmed that the entire studio is shuttering and that nearly all of the staff will be left without jobs.

It's unknown how many former employees are affected, but it seems to be somewhere north of 50. Motiga has had tumultuous staffing issues in the past few years, with mass layoffs becoming semi-regular occurrences. 

Motiga's frequent layoffs mirrored the troubled development of Gigantic. Years went by where the game didn't seem any closer to launching. Microsoft was the original publisher, but it eventually pulled out of the project in mid-2016. Perfect World stepped in and assumed publishing duties, and Gigantic finally released in July 2017.

Perfect World's involvement didn't end at publishing Gigantic, however. It had quietly acquired Motiga and framed the investment as a "partnership." We asked Motiga founder and CEO Chris Chung about everything surrounding this situation, and he provided a frank and detailed statement. Here it is, in full:

Perfect World has shut down Gigantic developer Motiga screenshot