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Peripheral enables one-handed use of the Joy-Con

August 16, 2017 1 min read

[Images by AbleGamers Charity]

An engineer has crafted a set of peripherals that allows the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch to be operated with just one hand.

The first devices, created by Mechatronics' Julio Vazquez, surrounds both Joy-Con, allowing for easy access to all of the face buttons, whilst a lever mechanism can be used to activate the far trigger. The second device sits between the Joy-Con, allowing the controller to "fold" in the palm of one hand.

Vazquez was inspired to create the devices after a friend lost the use of their right hand and was unable to continue playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild. "This current design was the result of almost a week of research and lots of failed prototypes," states Vazquez. "I had to ensure that it would be easy to print, lightweight and practical. After testing that it works properly, we decided to share it, so that it can be of help to other gamers in a similar situation."

Both devices can be 3D printed, and the blueprints are available at Vazquez' Thingiverse page. Such simple but effective ingenuity. It's inspiring to see people doing such good work for the community.

Peripheral enables one-handed use of the Joy-Con screenshot