Persona 5 Royal hacks the planet with Futaba Sakura

July 23, 2019 1 min read

Fresh off the release of the trailer for Makoto Niijima, Atlus has dropped another video reintroducing us to Persona 5 Royal's posse The Phantom Thieves. Today sees the spotlight shine on one of the JRPG's most popular - if not the most popular - characters, Futaba Sakura.

The severely-troubled teen is introduced midway through Persona 5's marathon narrative. At first she seems to be a problematic blackmailer, but upon deducing her identity, The Phantom Thieves learn of the master hacker's plight, leading to one of Persona 5's more tragic and upsetting arcs. Eventually taking her spot as the team's navigator, the newly-monikered "Oracle" offers logistical advice, status updates and buffs in battle.

Outside of the fight, Futaba has easily one of the most fulfilling "Social Link" stories presented in Persona 5, as she comes to terms with her upsetting past, as well as the social anxiety and crippling agoraphobia that confines her to her dimly-lit bedroom, where she views her lonely world through the monitor. Combined with the social link story of her guardian Sojiro, Futaba's narrative is arguably the best in the entire game.

Persona 5 Royal hacks the planet with Futaba Sakura screenshot