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Peter Glagowski names the Best and Worst of 2018

December 29, 2018 1 min read

For the past few years on Destructoid, I've listed my top games of every year just like everyone else. It was a way for me to try and organize my thoughts in a manner that I figured everyone wanted to read. Truth be told, I'm not so sure how much I even agree with my lists. For instance, I called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds my #3 for 2017 and now the game is a laughing stock.

So instead of ordering things by number, I'm just going to talk about either my favorite picks for a particular category or some of the worst things I saw this year. 2018 had so many good moments that game of the year lists can be wildly different from person to person. I also missed out on a lot of the bigger releases (God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc) because my tastes have changed as I've grown older. Why not honor the things I thought were cool instead of saying they are better than things I haven't tried?

Without further delay, here are the things I thought were cool and the things that really sucked in 2018!

Peter Glagowski names the Best and Worst of 2018 screenshot