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Phil Spencer shares more details on what to expect from the Xbox Series X

February 24, 2020 2 min read

The next generation of gaming is nearly here. For some, that means excitement, launch parties, and endless gaming marathons. For others, it's a serious case of FOMO as they roll their eyes at the prospect of spending over $1000 on two new consoles at once (or in some cases, roughly $500-$600 on just one of them).

But alas the next gen is coming, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer is sharing a bit more info on the Xbox Series X in one very simple breakdown article. Some of it was previously confirmed, but here are the big takeaways that Spencer wants to share, mostly in the form of stats thrown at you: 12 teraflops, variable rate shading, hardware accelerated DirectX Raytracing, quick resume for multiple games and smart delivery.

So let's break that down. That "12 teraflops" stat is in relation to the GPU, which is "eight times" as powerful as the Xbox One and two times that of the Xbox One X, which is already the most powerful console around. Variable rate shading (or VRS for short) basically translates to higher frame rates and resolution through some visual magic. DirectX Raytracing, a tech buzz word I'm sure you've heard a lot of recently, essentially relates to enhanced in-game lighting effects and physics systems. Quick resume is just like it sounds: you can instantly return to suspended games sans loading screens. Smart delivery is basically a way to more accurately show consumers which version of a game they're buying (older gen or newer gen).

You'll also get some bells and whistles, like SSD storage (something Sony is aiming for with the PS5), DLI (more precise control latency), HDMI 2.1 (better refresh rates and TV compatibility), support for 120 FPS, "four generations of gaming" that includes original Xbox games through Xbox One backward support and the return of Xbox Game Pass.

You can find the full aggregate rundown of the Xbox Series X's features below.

What You Can Expect From the Next Generation of Gaming [Xbox]

Phil Spencer shares more details on what to expect from the Xbox Series X screenshot