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Playing Hooky: Four Men and a Criminal

May 11, 2017 1 min read

[Ricky Namara was a bad, bad boy. So bad, he decided to take two days off of work to enjoy the finer things in life - video games! Join him in his roller coaster of emotions as he regales us with his tale of anticipation, heartache, and inevitable triumph as he tells work to eat it while he chows down on someFFXV. Wanna see your work featured by Destructoid? Be more like Ricky, and tell us of a time you played hooky for this month's Bloggers Wanted. We promise not to tell anyone. Unless, of course, you get featured. Then we're telling everyone. - Wes]

Our offices are situated in two different parts of town, and often times we would have to commute between them to attend meetings and get things done. The fastest route to get from one office to the other is to cut through this rather upscale shopping district. You know the type: It's the place where every store displays their goods on the windows without fear of them being smashed by some thieving goons.

I was on my motorbike on the right-turn lane waiting for the light to turn green so I could attend some meeting at the other office, and my eyes wandered to distract myself from the unruly motorists honking their horns over some road rage matter. That's when I saw her inside a shop's window display case. The Queen of Temptations. The Mistress of the Dark. The Mother of Harlots beckoning me to her dark embrace.

Playing Hooky: Four Men and a Criminal screenshot