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PlayStation Network's full Black Friday sale is live

November 21, 2017 1 min read

Sony's initial batch of Black Friday deals for PlayStation Plus subscribers wasn't anything too wild, but now that the full sale is underway, there's a far better selection of games. (If you're on PS4, that is.)

What's good? I'm tempted by The Evil Within 2dropping to half price and if you haven't picked up Wolfenstein II, that's also only $30. I'm hearing buzz for Prey($20) start to bubble up again as we approach game-of-the-year discussions, and you've also got stuff like NieR: Automata($36) and Persona 5($30) to consider. The sale has all that and a shit-ton of variably-named deluxe editions.

I won't be surprised if we also get a shorter weekend flash sale on top of this week-long Black Friday promotion, so keep that in mind before you go heavy on unnecessary impulse purchases.

PlayStation Network's full Black Friday sale is live screenshot