PlayStation Store's lengthy PS4 Summer Sale has begun

July 24, 2019 2 min read

We've reached a point where there's seemingly always a sale of some sort running on the PlayStation Store. If you have a wishlist, give it a peek. This might be the time to bite! Right now, it's the Summer Sale a four-week promo with deals mostly on PS4 games as well as a handful of PS3 and Vita titles.

The PlayStation Blog has a list of deals; otherwise, you can poke around the PlayStation Store.

As someone who routinely covers these sales, a lot of the same names tend to pop up on PSN. Like, rest assured, Grand Theft Auto Vis covered. (It's down to $14.99 again.) The Summer Sale isn't short on AAA games, if that's what you're in the mood for this month. There's Red Dead Redemption 2 ($38.99), The Division 2($38.99), Devil May Cry 5($39.59), Resident Evil 2($35.99), The Witcher 3: Complete Edition($14.99), and Assassin's Creed Odyssey($23.99), among many other recurring deals.

But there are some newer faces. Outward, an open-world RPG, has my curiosity now that it's $25.99. I'm also pleased to see Subnautica($19.79) and Tetris Effect ($24.79) two games I can't recommend enough. A bunch of great PlayStation VR titles, like Rez Infinite($14.99), are featured too.

For all of you fighting game fiends out there, you can find Tekken 7($14.99), Soulcalibur VI($20.39), and Dragon Ball FighterZ($14.99). Speaking of the latter, the FighterZ Passis marked down to $17.49.

Also, Ys VIIIis half price $29.99. I feel like that game could use more love.

There are 442 games and add-ons, all told. The Summer Sale runs until August 20 at 8:00am Pacific. That said, not ever deal will stick around for the whole duration. Make sure to check the individual store listings for each game you're interested in to see when the price will revert. Look for blue text.

PlayStation Store's lengthy PS4 Summer Sale has begun screenshot