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PlayStation VR puzzler SuperHyperCube is now on Vive

November 07, 2017 1 min read

Kokoromi's virtual-reality puzzler SuperHyperCubesheds its PlayStation VR exclusivity today. The game is out now on Steam for $15 with support for HTC Vive, and there are some walls that need increasingly-wonky-shaped blocks put through them, stat.

The PlayStation VR version also now costs $15, which is half the original price. I've always liked this game -- it's focused and well-crafted -- but I would struggle to recommend it at a full $30.

SuperHyperCubewas once planned for Oculus Rift as well, but Kokoromi and Polytron rescinded their intended support for the platform last year over Oculus founder Palmer Luckey's ties to the "shitposting" political organization Nimble America. Luckey no longer works at the Oculus, but the game is still only officially supported on PSVR and Vive, at least for the time being.

SuperHyperCube [Steam]

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