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Project CARS 2 certainly has a bunch of cars

July 05, 2017 1 min read

I can't say I'm much of a car guy, but I always find it fascinating to read through the car lists for racing games. Its cool trying to spot the models I actually might know about and then balking at omissions from the roster. Looking over the list of cars from the upcoming Project CARS 2, I'm mostly left wondering where the Hellcat is. How do you make a racing game and leave out one of the fastest consumer vehicles ever made?

I think it mostly has to do with Project CARS being based more on Indy and Formula 1 racing. The Dodge Challenger isn't exactly an Indy car, though it potentially hits speeds faster than an F1 car. That part is super impressive, especially for the sticker price of $64,195.

When did this post become an ad for Dodge? Well, anyway, here is the 180 strong list of cars you'll be driving in Project CARS 2:

Project CARS 2 certainly has a bunch of cars screenshot