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Promoted: The Lost Art of the Goku Effect

January 02, 2019 1 min read

[The Goku Effect is something that may be slowly lost to time. As more and more games begin to favor a scaling challenge, there's something nostalgic about the choice to go back to the beginning and stomp all the trash mobs that used to give you trouble. ~Marcel]

I submit to you a controversial statement: Vanilla Diablo III on PS3 is secretly the best version of the game. Now, you might be thinking: how the hell is the version with the crappiest graphics and least amount of content the best way to play Diablo III? Wasn't Reaper of Souls supposed to be the savior that fixed all of its problems anyway? Well in order to make my case, first we need to take a long walk down Snake Way and talk a little about Dragon Ball Z.

Promoted: The Lost Art of the Goku Effect screenshot