PSA: Zygarde is the next free legendary Pokemon

Authored By Chris Carter

The Pokemon Company is still trucking with their legendary Pokemon celebration, and coming off of Yveltal and Xerneas, the legendaries from the previous generation of X & Y, is Zygarde from the current gen.

To be clear it's a shiny Zygarde, and will have different stats depending on which version of the game you own -- Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (level 100, with gold bottle cap, dragon dance, extreme speed, outrage, and thousand arrows) or Sun/Moon (level 60, dragon breath, land's wrath, safeguard, glare).

You can grab your Zygarde (one for each copy of the game) from June 1 until June 24 at GameStop. After catching every Pokemon from the Ultra duo I've cooled off a bit, and am basically just waiting for the Switch edition. Bring it on!

PSA: Zygarde is the next free legendary Pokemon screenshot


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